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Mike Thonson - Director August 13, 2015

Dave and Web Designs were a joy to work with and continue to provide great service and response to any questions I have, definitely a good choice and very affordable.

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Jacqui Kalka August 27, 2015

Dave has helped me from the initial ideal to completion of my personal website,
I was approached by Dave initially to do an appraisal on his house early 2015. Whilst there I became aware of his website design business. I became interested and decided to collaborate with him to prepare and customise my own website. The result has been outstanding, he has tailor made the website to my needs, the website is interactive, easy to use and the ability to edit aspects myself sometimes has proven helpful.
Dave is very approachable and easy to contact, he would follow up often in the early stages of getting the website up and going by all means of contact, email, texting, calling, in person (depending on my needs at the time) He left me with booklets of how to personalise and update my website myself, and was always open to new ideas. I would recommend this experience and Dave to anyone, I am delighted and very grateful I have someone I can trust, get along with and feel comfortable to contact anytime regarding my website.

Working with someone who is clear, helpful and sincere, made the experience easy, exciting and new.

I love my website and am excited to work with Dave on any updates in the future

Thank you Dave,