Getting YOU and YOUR Business Online!

Terms and Conditions


  • The contract between Website Designs (WD) and the client will run for one calendar year based on the date their Website is live on the Internet.
  • Development of the client’s website will commence on receipt of their first payment.
  • One full month’s notice is required either by a signed letter or by email from the specified address to terminate the contract.
  • If for any reason the client decides to terminate the contract prior to the annual renewal date then any outstanding fees and charges will be calculated (based on the monthly charges in force for the client at that time) to the original scheduled end of the contract and invoiced to the client for immediate payment.
  • Monthly recurring fees charged by WD will not increase during the 12 month life of the contract.  However, when the contract comes up for renewal, all fees may be subject to change and this will be agreed by both parties
  • If the client does not inform WD of their intention to terminate the contract within 14 days of their annual contract renewal date the contract will be extended for one more year.  Any fee changes will be applied and will be invoiced monthly for the next 12 months.
  • All website themes (WordPress), website designs, templates, HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) code, and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), code belongs solely to WD, any duplication, copying or reproduction on any media is prohibited without prior written approval by WD.

Domain Name

  • The client domain name is owned by WD i.e. the client leases the use of the domain name from WD.
  • After three years the client will be given the option to purchase the domain name from WD. This will be subject to negotiation between WD and the client to agree the transfer and purchase costs of the domain name.
  • When the client has purchased their own domain name,  they are solely responsible for any domain name management including named server configuration, billing and renewal of the domain name.  WD will not be responsible for interruption of service to the client’s website due to domain name issues between the client and the Domain Registrar.

Email Addresses

  • The client email address, as specified in the contract sign-up form, is recognisd by WD to be authoritative.  Any correspondence from this address will be understood to be from the client.  WD recommends that the client creates a separate email address for correspondence between the client and WD.
  • WD will specify an email address that they will use solely for correspondence between themselves and the client.

Images and logos

  • Any images, logos or banners provided by the client need to be in .jpg (image file) and/or .psd (Photoshop Document) format.
  • WD do not take any responsibility for the quality of the published website page(s) if using client provided images and logos, however they will work with the client to get the best results possible.

Suspension of Service

WD reserve the right to temporarily or permanantly suspend access to the clients web site if:

  • The client has not paid any outstandng fees within 10 days of the invoice due date; or
  • We believe the site is being misused or abused by one or more third parties; or
  • The client site is exceeding the network bandwith or hosting space as agreed in the original contract and our notified increases to the monthly payment have not been fulfilled.

Payment Methods

The client will be required to make any payments to WD using the following methods:

  • Direct credit (Internet Banking) from the client’s account to WD. Business account information will be provided by WD as part of the contract details.
  • WD Paypal business account using the clients’ credit card. The invoice can be sent to the client as an email with a PAY button on it. NOTE: the client does NOT need a Paypal account to make the payment.

GST Charges

All prices and charges used on this website are GST exclusive.


  • WD will provide reasonable support, advice and guidence to clients. WD’s response rate to any requests or issues will be at best efforts and will not carry any penalty for slow or poor response. NOTE: it is our promise to you that we will provide the best service we can to ensure your website is available and fully functional.
  • While WD have partnered with one of the top Hosting Providers and best Domain Registrars available who guarantee 99.9% uptime of their servers and services, WD will not be held liable for any losses, real or perceived, incurred by the client if the Hosting or Domain Providers have any problems which affect service and website availability.